Farm History

Cead Mile Falte Ceithre Phairc Ghlasa
Pronounced: "Keed Me-la fall-sha Kara fork gla-sa"

That's Irish for:
"One Hundred Thousand Welcomes to Four Green Fields"

The Guard over our gate one fine spring day

Four Green Fields Farm was established in 2003 and is comprised of 162 acres of diverse land including crop land, wooded area, wetlands and it partially borders a pond. We farm primarily hay to feed our two Belgian draft horse geldings - Rocky and Charlie - and to sell. We also plant a small amount of other crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and rye. The farm is home to a variety of wildlife including deer, turkeys, bobcats, coyotes, fox, Sandhill cranes, bald eagles, 4 varieties of turtles, at least 4 varieities of non-poisonous snakes (although we aren't real active in looking for them), squirrels, rabbits, grouse and assorted waterfowl. There has even been a sighting of a wandering black bear. Keep your eyes open as you never know what you might see.

Four Green Fields Enterance Sign

We try to be good stewards of the land and have undertaken selective timber cutting under a renewable forest approach that helps maintain and improve wildlife habitat. We are also careful how we use commercial fertilizers and herbicides so as to have as little impact on the environment as possible. That's why you may see a few more weeds. We ask that you take part in respecting the land while you are here by not littering. Enjoy the beauty God created and show your appreciation by leaving it that way.

The name of the farm comes from our pride in our Irish heritage and gratitude for the sacrifices our ancestors made to give us the chance to live in the greatest nation on earth. The term "Four Green Fields" refers to the 4 provinces of Ireland. It is also the title of a popular Irish folk song. You'll notice a shield on the farm sign inside the outline of Ireland. On it is the crest of each of the 4 provinces of Ireland. (Clockwise from the top left: Connaught, Ulster, Leinster and Munster). On the bottom of the sign are the locations "Big Rapids Michigan, County Kerry, Ireland." That is because while we farm here, we are still in contact with the Courtneys "on the land" in County Kerry, Ireland, where my Great Grandfather was born. (We have a Rodney mailing address but are actually closer to Big Rapids.) Our farm motto that you see on our home page and on the bottom of the farm sign both reminds us of who we are at the core and of the sacrifices those that came before us made to give us the opportunities we enjoy today in this great Country. I almost forgot, the motto in Irish is pronounced "O Erin go mer-i-caw, say-ree-i-meed on toliv" and it means "From Ireland to America We work the Land."

Thank you for coming to our farm and we hope you enjoy your visit.

The Courtney Family